Dragon Balls aint tasty

dragon fruitJust quickie for now.

I recently purchased a freshly imported Dragon Fruit. I’m use to experiencing dragon fruit as a canned drink I get at the local Asian Foods Store. It’s sweet, yummy and delicious. I also like the cruch that all the little seeds suspended in the drink give it. Mmm crunch beverages. So I finally decided to break down and try the actual fruit. At an average of $11 a pound and the fruit weighing about a pound each on average it wasn’t something I was rushing to try.

Unfortunately, it turns out I I should have been in less of a rush because I tried it, and it’s not very good. I’m hoping it’s because it wasn’t quite ripe when shipped and that was the reason it was so bitter tasting. Needles to say I won’t be dropping another $10 to try it again. If I ever have fresh Dragon Fruit again it will be in its country of origin, picked when ripe. At least I can say I had the experience now.


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