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Bio: Marvin is pretty damn awesome. If you don't think so he would say, "PLease Bite Me." Get it! Lulz But seriously I'm just an average not so average guy in Seattle. I was born and raised in Baltimore. I have another site call for a podcast I use to do and will eventually pick up again. This blog is gonna be for me about me and not about entertaining the masses. If you find entertainment in it however, then that's cool.

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    Food Trucking

    September 23rd, 2012

    Today was the Saturday food truck round up in Renton. I won’t do a long flower post about it but I will say there was some good stuff there and I ate way more that I should have. My favorite was definitely the deconstructed pork humbow. The roasted pork belly in it was fucking amazing. I will definitely be tracking down this truck again.






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    The Zen of the Sushi Belt

    October 3rd, 2010

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    Dragon Balls aint tasty

    September 25th, 2010

    dragon fruitJust quickie for now.

    I recently purchased a freshly imported Dragon Fruit. I’m use to experiencing dragon fruit as a canned drink I get at the local Asian Foods Store. It’s sweet, yummy and delicious. I also like the cruch that all the little seeds suspended in the drink give it. Mmm crunch beverages. So I finally decided to break down and try the actual fruit. At an average of $11 a pound and the fruit weighing about a pound each on average it wasn’t something I was rushing to try.

    Unfortunately, it turns out I I should have been in less of a rush because I tried it, and it’s not very good. I’m hoping it’s because it wasn’t quite ripe when shipped and that was the reason it was so bitter tasting. Needles to say I won’t be dropping another $10 to try it again. If I ever have fresh Dragon Fruit again it will be in its country of origin, picked when ripe. At least I can say I had the experience now.

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    A Road less traveled

    September 19th, 2010

    It’s funny what you find when you stray from the beaten path. Yesterday I did jut that and scored!
    I was driving home from Bellingham yesterday in the afternoon and I decided I wasn’t just going to drive home, but I would make a few stops along the way and see what there was to see. My first stop landed me at the Outlet Mall north of Burlington. I figured I would just check it out and see if there were any col things there at a good discount. The Eddie Bauer store had some cool stuff but nothing I needed. The score was when I checked out the Corning & Correll store next door. All of their Pyrex was on sale 25% off of the already discounted outlet prices. I got a 10 piece Pyrex dish and lid set for just over $16. Nice!

    So as I was leaving the outlet mall I over heard there was a huge accident further south on my route. Instead of sitting in traffic I figured i could find one of the roadside produce vendors to kill some time while waiting for traffic to clear. I found a stand that was a little out of the way by accident while i was just trying to find somewhere to get a drink because I was thirsty. This was a pretty typical produce stand except for one think. Every Saturday they give out free roasted corn on the cob. Free! You don’t have to buy anything either. And they just keep giving you ore until you tell them you don’t want anymore. It was pretty awesome and I totally love fresh roasted corn. They also provide melted butter and seasoning too. I ended up having two ears of corn. It made for a nice free lunch. I am thinking I will have to head back up and check them out again while the corn is at it’s peak of harvest. It would make a good stop on the way back from a hike to the Mt. Baker Hot Springs.

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